How to write a paper for an academic journal. We will focus on how to choose a journal, how to write a paper and the publication process.

ACES launches a new online lecture series titled “Race and Migration - scholarship in between, on and beyond the borders”. Starting January 27th with prof. Fatima El-Tayeb , the series invites speakers and the audience to reflect on the historical...

2–4 December 2020, IMIS, Osnabrück University
Conflicts, Values, Positionalities
In current research about migration, there is a growing interest in the ways in which knowledge shapes migration and the experiences and apparatuses connected to it.

21-22 January 2021, Technical University Berlin, Germany
Towards Reflexivity in Migration Studies. Knowledge Production in Times of Contested Politics and Post-Colonial Dynamics
ESA’s Research Network 35 “Sociology of Migration” will hold its next midterm conference at the Technical University Berlin, 21-22 January 2021. Mirroring recent trends and debates in the field of migration studies, the conference will focus on the...