Seminar: 23 April - 2021
IMISCOE and the Anti-Racism Working Group are honoured to present the last episode of the Webinar "Understanding race, racism and antiracism in migration studies, comparatively across Europe and beyond: Germany & Belgium". Friday 23 April at 14:00-15:30...

Seminar: 15 April - 2021
Submit the paper and then what? - uncovering the refereeing and editorial systems from the publisher’s perspective

Event: 19 April - 2021
Within the framework of the AGREP project, GRITIM-UPF invites you to participate in a reflexive session on the relationship between research and action in the studies of vulnerable and marginalized groups, for example migrants and racialized minorities...

Event: 22 April 2021 - online
About this Event ‘Integration’ and ‘deportation’ seem to be two opposed ways of talking about and responding to immigration. Indeed, in many countries 'successful integration’ can be a ground for suspending a deportation or even awarding (exceptional)...

Event: 5 - 9 July - 2021 - online
This multidisciplinary course will provide you with insight into relevant issues on the topic of migrant inclusion across three domains: economic inclusion, social inclusion, and migrants’ access to public services, healthcare and housing.

Event: 12 - 16 July - 2021 - online
Many migrants in receiving countries are facing disadvantaged living circumstances when compared to natives. In most Western countries, we observe economic inequality, inequality in access to information, healthcare and housing.