27 April 2021,13:00 - 14:00 CET

Webinar: Effects of EU Externalisation – perspectives from Africa and the Middle East

The webinar will launch the research project ‘Effects of Externalisation: EU Migration Management in Africa and the Middle East’ (EFFEXT).

Join us as for a discussion on how EU externalisation policies impact migration management in the Middle East and Africa, and how this can be studied through the perspectives of stakeholders in the Global South.

Cathrine Talleraas (project leader, CMI) will present the project. Her brief presentation will be followed by a discussion between Oliver Bakewell (GDI, University of Manchester), Ida Marie Vammen (DIIS, Copenhagen), Joseph Teye (Centre for Migration Studies, University of Ghana) and Nasser Yassin (American University Beirut).

 Read more about it at: www.effext.org




Webinar: Effects of EU Externalisation – perspectives from Africa and the Middle East 

Making Home, Doing Belonging: Mobilities and Immobilities in Experience, Theory and Policy

Symposium: 23 - 24 June - 2021 - online
The observation that ‘[b]elonging like home entails personally significant and emotional connections between people and places’ (Kusenbach & Paulsen 2013, p. 6) continues to take on novel forms and high political and existential stakes. Irreducible to...

Family Migration in Times of Crisis

Workshop: 15 June - 2021 - online
Description The ‘Family Migration in Times of Crisis’ workshop will explore the impacts of crisis on family migration, how family migrants respond to crises, and intertwined temporalities of crisis and migration. The crises to be considered include,...

Radboud Summerschool: The Science Behind Migrant Inclusion Policies: Evidence-Based Policies and Policy-Based Evidence

Event: 12 - 16 July - 2021 - online
Many migrants in receiving countries are facing disadvantaged living circumstances when compared to natives. In most Western countries, we observe economic inequality, inequality in access to information, healthcare and housing.

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Radboud Summerschool: Migrant Inclusion in Policy and Practice

Event: 5 - 9 July - 2021 - online
This multidisciplinary course will provide you with insight into relevant issues on the topic of migrant inclusion across three domains: economic inclusion, social inclusion, and migrants’ access to public services, healthcare and housing.

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Annual Conference

18th IMISCOE Annual Conference ONLINE

July 7- 9, 2021, Luxembourg
This online conference proposes to zoom deeper into people’s migration experiences by foregrounding how migration is connected to culture and language. We intend to explore the nexus of migration, and culture in more depth by asking how migration is...

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