24 January, 2022, 11:00-13:00 CET, Online

Roundtable: Refugee Policies and Experiences - Japan and Taiwan in Comparison

The Institute of Asia Pacific Studies, the Northern Institute of Taiwan Studies and the Centre of Migration, Diaspora and Exile at UCLan, in collaboration with Ritsumeikan University are glad to invite you to this roundtable. Six speakers will discuss about refugee policies in Japan and Taiwan and will look at how refugees and civil society organisations have responded to government policies.

Speakers & Topics

Bonny Ling (Work Better Innovations)

Substance and form: UN Refugee Convention in Japan and Taiwan in a regional context 

Niki Alsford (University of Central Lancashire)

The refugee status of Taiwan: The historical homeland of Austronesian speaking peoples 

Sohrab Ahmadian (University of Tsukuba)

The Kurdish diaspora in Japan: Caught in a limbo between immigration policies and politics 

Yahya Almasri (University of Hyogo)

Informal asylum of Syrian refugees 

Ilaria Canali (Mondo Internazionale)

Awareness and media coverage in Japan about the refugee situation: what’s the situation now and how can it be improved? 

E-Ling Chiu (Amnesty International Taiwan)

Refugee and asylum seekers in Taiwan 


This event is online and it requires a free registration to attend it: 

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