Videos, reports, photo galleries from past workshops, conferences and other events.

Workshop: 20 January - 2021
How to write a paper for an academic journal. We will focus on how to choose a journal, how to write a paper and the publication process.

20 January - 2021
ACES launches a new online lecture series titled “Race and Migration - scholarship in between, on and beyond the borders”. Starting January 27th with prof. Fatima El-Tayeb , the series invites speakers and the audience to reflect on the historical...

Webinar: 20 January - 2021
The First Seminar Organized by the Anti-Discrimination Working Group in 2021: Reflecting on the Relationship Between Racism and Migration Studies in the UK, the Netherlands, France, and Italy.

January 15, February 12 and March 2
ANTI-Racism working group presents a new seminar series
On behalf of the anti-racism working group, we like to invite you to join our online seminar series. Following the global mobilization against racism, we have put together a webinar series to reflect on migration histories, race and racism and the...

2–4 December - 2020, IMIS, Osnabrück University
Conflicts, Values, Positionalities
In current research about migration, there is a growing interest in the ways in which knowledge shapes migration and the experiences and apparatuses connected to it.

July 7- 9, 2021, Luxembourg
Crossing borders, connecting cultures
This online conference proposes to zoom deeper into people’s migration experiences by foregrounding how migration is connected to culture and language. We intend to explore the nexus of migration, and culture in more depth by asking how migration is...

1-2 July - 2020 - online
The 2020 IMISCOE annual conference is going online!
Europe’s largest research network of migration and integration scholars and practitioners is coming together for its first online annual conference. Resilient as our community is, we now more than ever appreciate the value of coming together, as well as...

6 and 17 July 2020, Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey
Research Methods and Ethics in Migration Studies
The program of 10th MiReKoc Summer School reflects the importance of methodological debates. In celebration of the milestone 10th MiReKoc International Summer School, MiReKoc is collaborating and co-branding with IMISCOE. This year’s Summer School...

6-7 February 2020, IGOT, Lisboa
Moving, living, investing and surviving: housing and migrations in uncertain times
Housing represents a major dimension of immigrant settlement and immigrant integration. Since the earliest contact theories to today’s “politics of presence” (Darling, 2017), where people live and can live has been a central concern to public...

26-28 June 2019, Malmö University
Understanding International Migration in the 21st Century: Conceptual and Methodological Approaches
The growing diversity and complexity of international migration present a need for reconceptualizing migration research. The aim of the 2019 IMISCOE Annual Conference is to facilitate exchanges in new concepts and innovative methodologies for...