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Clarisa Pérez-Armendariz is an Associate Professor of Politics and Latin American Studies at Bates College. Her research explores how international migration affects politics in migrants’ origin countries, especially in Mexico. She is particularly interested how social connections with immigrants living abroad influence the political attitudes and behaviors of individuals who remain in origin countries. She also studies how migrants who return to their origin countries interact with those countries’ governing institutions. Clarisa teaches courses in comparative politics, US-Latin American relations, international migration, and research methods.
Clarisa has published in Comparative Political Studies and Studies in Comparative International Development. Her co-authored article “Do Migrants Remit Democracy? International Migration and Political Beliefs and Behavior in Mexico” (2010, with David Crow), has been cited in over 180 peer-reviewed publications and appears on course syllabi for dozens undergraduate and graduate courses. The article was republished in International Migration (2011), a multidisciplinary four-volume compilation of 59 ‘seminal’ articles published since 1985 that, according to its editors, bring “the best research into the politics of global migration.” Her 2014 article “Cross-Border Discussions and Political Behavior in Migrant-Sending Countries” was selected for inclusion in the 2016 Handbook of Latin American Studies’ Mexico Section, which is coordinated by the Library of Congress. Each section of the biannual Handbook draws from over 100 books and between 30 and 40 articles to produce an annotated bibliography of the best 50 recently published articles and books in the field.
Clarisa is currently co-editing a Special Issue of the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies about how emigrants interact with and respond to violence in their origin democracies.

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