Visual tools in Migration Research

Meet the researcher and photographer Kemal Vural Tarlan
22 June 2024

Kemal Vural Tarlan has been conducting visual sociology and anthropology research among Dom Gypsies communities living in the Middle East since 2000. His studies, articles and photos were featured in numerous international symposia, congresses, exhibitions and other events. He has written penned articles on the rights of refugees from the Middle East and worked as an activist. In 2013 and 2016, he worked on “Syria in Transit”, an exhibition of photography, videos, sounds and objects on Syrian refugees from the Turkish border to the UK. The exhibition went on a tour of London, Berlin, Kiel, Madrid, Istanbul and Gaziantep, Frankfurt. He is a member of the International Federation of Journalists and is a member of the European Sociological Association.

He lives in Gaziantep and is the General Coordinator of Kırkayak Kültür and the Head of the Center for Migration and Cultural Studies. Since 2011, he has been conducting research on Syrian refugees, immigration theories and social cohesion. He gave lectures on photography and photojournalism and ethics as a visiting lecturer at Gaziantep University Communication Faculty until 2021. He is a board member of the Cross-Regional Center for Refugees and Migrants (CCRM) network in Beirut.

Photo series "Waiting at the Border"

1- Kilis, Turkey - Syria border minefield, - 2015 

2- Kilis, Turkey - Syria border minefield - 2014

3- Kilis, Turkey - Syria border, - 2013

4- Kilis, Turkey - Syrian border, - 2013

5- Gaziantep, Kilis Garage, - 2014



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Visual tools in Migration Research

Kemal Vural Tarlan has been conducting visual sociology and anthropology research among Dom Gypsies...

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