The Migration Podcast

IMISCOE Migration Podcast

24 June 2024

The IMISCOE Migration Podcast is wrapping up season 4. After a restructuring last year, our team became bigger and more international, and it is rewarding to see the result of our collaborative work! We are immensely grateful for all our 13 interviewers and their guests, who have contributed to the podcast in the past year. The podcast episodes have been listened to over 10 000 times since its creation in 2020. With this podcast we disseminate scientific perspectives and provide a platform to share the voice of migration scholars with the broader public. Last year, we hosted episodes about issues of mobility and migration in South and Central America, Africa, Asia and Gulf countries. Also, we launched co-promotion collaborations with friendly podcasts: Borders & Belonging based in Metropolitan University of Toronto and BIRMM's Migration Talks based at the VUB Brussels School of Governance. We are sure that their unique, enriching perspectives will be of interest to many of you.

These educational and informative podcasts can also enhance your teaching practices. In the age of generative AI (such as Chat GPT) many students skip readding assigned academic papers. To trigger the curiosity of your students, you can experiment and offer them one of the podcast episodes. New times need new ways of teaching! Surely, it is not meant as a full replacement of all course readings, but can be a nice add-on. Have a look at our list of episodes in season 4, and get ideas for your next migration course.

2023/24 Season 4

Episode Guest Topic
1 Caroline Wanjiku Kihato About turning data into art
2 Ayham Dalal Refugees as Architects 
3 Koen Leurs Digital Migration
4 Natalie Brinham Statelessness and Research Ethics 
5 Bernadette Nirmal Kumar How to foster a career across disciplines & sectors
6 Russell King On researching how and why people migrate, for over 50 years
7 Biao Xiang Logistical Power and the constraint of Mobility
8 Alejandra Díaz de León "Road families" en route to the Mexico-US border
9 Loren Landau On migration studies and migration to African cities
10 Mira Burmeister-Rudolph Kerala's social protection policies for emigrants in the Gulf 
11 Gerasimos Tsourapas & Kamal Sadiq The transnational social contract in the Global South
12 Pablo Ceriani Migrant child protection in Latin America & the Caribbean
13 Cross-Posting Podcast of BRIMM (VUB) Introducing: Migration Talks – The Impact of Migration Narratives on EU Policy Making

What to expect for season 5?

It will be even more exciting, we promise! In February 2024, we invited IMISCOE institutional members to become one of our next guests. We received 25 wonderful applications, mostly from scholars based in Europe. We selected only 8 lucky ones (because we run on voluntary basis and have production constraints). In the rest of season 5 episodes you will be hearing from inspirational scholars based in other regions, as we aim to stay true to our ambition - bringing diversity of voices in the IMISCOE Migration podcast. Stay tuned! Follow us on Spotify, Sound Cloud and the 




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The Migration Podcast
IMISCOE Migration Podcast

The IMISCOE Migration Podcast is wrapping up season 4. After a restructuring last year, our team became...