International Summer School in Ethnography-9th edition - Mobilities and Borders

28 May 2023, 12:00 noon (CET)

International Summer School in Ethnography: Palazzo di Sociologia - Via Verdi 26, Trento 
5 September 2023- 8 September 2023, University of Trento. 

Theoretically-informed ethnographic research offers a distinctive and unique approach. The Trento Summer School has all along its history provided a forum for informal, in-depth reflection into social research methods as well as the underlying questions of social theory. 
The Summer School provides participants with an inside view on the practice and the skills of ethnographic research across the social sciences. The School offers a forum where adepts, students, and scholars can familiarize themselves with the status of the discipline, absorbing the tools and ‘tricks of the trade’ directly from long-time practitioners. The teaching format is grounded in frontal lectures, where cutting-edge research is presented, complemented by interactive workshops, data sessions, and roundtables. Participants have a chance to present their current research projects, so as to receive commentaries and recommendations from the guest professors. Reading materials are circulated well in advance among participants, ensuring that they arrive at the in-person meeting with a shared focus. This 9th edition’s running theme is “Mobilities and Borders”. Addressed from several disciplinary standpoints, the theme embraces issues concerning migration; global and local flows of people, products, information, labor and money; everyday mobility, mobile lives and social relationships. Moreover, particular attention will be devoted to ethnographic restitution: from writing to the visual and other “creative” methods.

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