Call for Applications: IMISCOE Solidarity Grant for threatened PhDs

The new IMISCOE Solidarity Fund is a joint initiative of the IMISCOE PHD network and the IMISCOE Board of Directors. We strongly believe, as academics, that scientific work needs academic freedom without interference from governments. Academic freedom is often seen as a challenge by authoritarian regimes. At this very moment, regimes all over the world are targeting our colleagues, keeping them from pursuing their scientific objectives.  

Both academics and scientific endeavours are threatened by repressive measures in many countries in the world today. Therefore, IMISCOE initiated a solidarity fund for collective action, to support academics who work on issues that are relevant to IMISCOE.
PhDs are depending on their supervisors to finish their dissertations. This makes them especially vulnerable since not only can they be threatened because of their own work and ideas, but also indirectly through their supervisors. Therefore, we want to reach out to young scholars who are in need of support while doing their research.
We call for applications for three grants of up to 2,000 EUR each.


We call for applications from threatened PhD candidates who work in a field that is relevant to IMISCOE. Therefore, we ask applicants to present us with a statement letter (if possible, indicating existing connections to IMISCOE institutes or the IMISCOE research network in general), a CV and a work plan, clarifying their dissertation topic and what still needs to be done. The statement letter should also indicate the risk that the applicant is facing. We also kindly ask for a reference person whom we can contact for further information about the applicant.

Please send your applications to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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