Book Launch webinar: Family Practices in Migration: Everyday Lives and Relationships

We are very glad to announce that our forthcoming edited collection: "Family Practices in Migration: Everyday Lives and Relationships in Routledge Series “Studies in Development, Mobilities and Migration will be released on May 25th 2021.

Book Description

This book places family at the centre of discussions about migration and migrant life, seeing migrants not as isolated individuals, but as relational beings whose familial connections influence their migration decisions and trajectories.

Particularly prioritising the voices of children and young people, the book investigates everyday family practices to illuminate how migrants and their significant others do family, parenting or being a child within a family, both transnationally and locally. Themes covered include undocumented status, unaccompanied children’s asylum seeking, adolescents' "dark sides", second generation return migration, home-making, belonging, nationality/citizenship, peer relations and kinship, and good mothering. The book deploys a wide range of methodological approaches and tools (multi-sited ethnographies, participant observation, interviews and creative methods) to capture the ordinary, spatially extended and interpersonal dynamics of migrant family lives.

Drawing on a range of cross-cutting disciplines, geographical areas and diversity of levels and types of experiences on part of the editors and authors, this book will be of interest to researchers across the fields of migration, childhood, youth and family studies.


A book launch webinar will be held on Friday, 18th June, 4pm-5:30pm (BST)/17hrs-18:30hrs (CET). We are also very happy to confirm that Prof Eleonore Kofman (Middlesex University) will be the guest speaker of the event. 




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