Road of a migrant

The film Road of a migrant follows a unique event for Ukraine and Europe – a yearly, 10-day-long walking Pilgrimage from Sambir (Lviv region, Ukraine) to Zarvanytsja (Ternopil region, Ukraine) dedicated to and organized by Ukrainian labor migrants and their family members.

During the 10 days of walking and dedicated prayers, the participants of the Pilgrimage (many of whom for years are working as laborers in many countries across the EU and visit Ukraine only on short vacations) attempt to spread the word of truth about labor migration experience in every settlement they pass, pray for and try to reconnect with their own estranged through years of migration families, fight the guilt and sense of blame for their migration and left-behind families, and, against the ever-more crumbling trust in Ukrainian state, attempt to organize through mutual support and church activism.

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Footage made by the Central European University about the film: CPS Research Fellow, Olena Fedyuk, Discusses Her Documentary

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