Comparative Migration Studies (CMS)

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Comparative Migration Studies (CMS) is an international, peer-reviewed journal for comparative research in the field of migration, integration and ethnic studies. CMS is published by Springer.

CMS distinguishes itself on a number of points. First of all, an explicit comparative orientation. We believe that a focus on comparative research can promote the theoretical development of migration studies. This can involve various types of comparative studies (between countries, groups, levels, historical periods). Secondly, CMS adopts a broad disciplinary angle. CMS aims to develop a wider disciplinary angle than most existing journals: besides sociology, political science and anthropology, the journal also aims at economics and law. Finally, CMS is aopen access journal. We believe open access nowadays is the best way to get the widest possible exposure for the work published in our journal. Publishing your articles with CMS means that other scholar will have easy access to your work and will be more likely to read it and refer to it.

The association between IMISCOE and Comparative Migration Studies means that the journal can publish Open Access without asking for Author-Pays Fees. This arrangement will continue at least until April 2018. 

ISSN 2214-8590, Online ISSN: 2214-594X

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Submitting an article to CMS

As of 2015, CMS will be published by Springer. After the transfer to the new publisher Springer, journal articles will also be made available on SpringerOnline. Submissions to the journal can only be made through Editorial Manager. More information on Author Guidelines and the composition of the Editorial Board and the Advisory Committee are available on this website. 


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