Research Initiatives

New research initiatives that focus on a very specific line of activity and a specific group of researchers geared to that.

Questions of norms and values have become increasingly more salient over the last decade in political, and increasingly also a wide area of public debates. While academic scholarship on legal norms and obligations with regard to refugee and migrant...


Brigitte Suter

Transnational mobility by migrants who are relatively privileged by citizenship, class, ‘race’ and investment capacity is on the increase. PRIMOB brings together researchers working on diverse forms of privileged migration – retirement, lifestyle,...


Jennifer McGarrigle

Recent developments around the world are indicating that the symbolic and the instrumental positioning of return migration within public discourse and migration agendas is changing. Return can be leveraged to serve specific geopolitical goals as it is a...

Research Initiatives News

Franz Buhr and Jennifer McGarrigle

PriMob's website is on!

11 September 2020
The research initiative PriMob: Privileged Mobilities: local impacts, belonging and citizenship has a new website . The website contains a blog section, where members post reflections, opinions, and news regarding the field of privileged migration. A...
Norms and Values in Migration and Integration

Workshop on Value Transformation, Value Transmission and Value Circulation in Migration and Integration, 18-19 May, Malmö University

19 May 2020
The NOVAMI group held a two-day workshop on norms and values in migration studies. Up to 20 international experts on migration, including PhD candidates, presented and discussed the themes of value transformation, value transmission and value...