IMISCOE Statement in Support of Ukraine and Scholars at Risk

21 June 2022

IMISCOE (International Migration Research Network) wants to express its deep concern about lives in Ukraine.

The Russian invasion of a sovereign country – contravening values of international law, human rights and global justice – has triggered a large-scale movement of refugees within a few weeks. As a community of scholars researching migration and refugees we have always stressed the importance of acting in solidarity with everyone whose lives or livelihoods are devastated by conflicts and persecutions, and for European countries to welcome all persons in need of protection irrespective of their ethnicity and country of origin.

We strongly support scholars from or working in Ukraine, and colleagues both inside and outside of Russia who speak out in opposition to human rights violations. We also see this as a moment to be aware of scholars at risk due to war and conflict globally, including but not limited to the war in Ukraine. We endorse all facilities for the temporary accommodation of scholars at risk in European universities and will step up collaborations within the network in order to provide further support. We will support scholars at risk due to the war in Ukraine and see this as a step towards more structural support for scholars at risk from all over the world. This support includes:

  • Providing a platform for sharing the broad variety of practices from IMISCOE member institutes in helping scholars at risk due to the war (including but not limited to those targeted at scholars from Ukraine). We will also encourage and facilitate collaboration between member institutes.
  • Using the IMISCOE network as a platform for helping scholars at risk to find places amongst one of the IMISCOE member institutes.
  • Supporting scholars at risk in participating in IMISCOE activities, including a number of waivers for participating in IMISCOE events.
  • Dedicating our next IMISCOE Bulletin to the situation in Ukraine, providing a variety of insights, including from scholars from Ukraine and scholars from other countries who are affected by the war. This bulletin will also include a reflection on help to scholars at risk from Afghanistan from last year.

Signed by:

  • IMISCOE Executive Board
  • IMISCOE PhD Committee
  • IMISCOE External Affairs Committee

 This statement was first published on the IMISCOE website on 23rd March 2022

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IMISCOE Statement in Support of Ukraine and Scholars at Risk

IMISCOE (International Migration Research Network) wants to express its deep concern about lives in Ukraine.

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