31 December 2018
Over the years I’ve been part of a dozen selection committees for research assistant, PhD, and postdoc positions in the social sciences in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. Many of the applications we received made for agonising reading.

30 November 2018
Let me start this post by considering the experiences and trajectories of Afghan children depicted in country reports prepared by Newsdeeply in ‘The Vulnerability Contest’ (2018), and by Save the Children in ‘From Europe to Afghanistan – Experiences of...

30 October 2018
Something on a more informative note this month! Read all about the FMP protocol on the African continent in this blog.

20 July 2018
It is in my head inhumanely early when I get up on the second of July to meet up for the IMISCOE PhD Network assembly in Barcelona. Luckily, breakfast will be provided, that’s a godsend in my tight schedule that morning.

28 June 2018
A supermarket somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Turkey; an older man approaches us in German (a language we half do and half don’t understand) and asks me and my interpreter what we are doing in his village. We answer in severely flawed German and...

22 May 2018
Great sociologists such as Foucault, Bourdieu or Bauman claim that nowadays, power cannot be possessed, controlled and used to achieve certain outcomes. According to them, power works in more invisible, subtle and often unconscious ways. It resides in...

23 April 2018
Cyntia de Paula is an outstanding reference for Brazilian immigration to Portugal. Being thirty-two-year-old, she is the president of ‘Casa do Brasil de Lisboa’. It is an association that supports Brazilian immigrants in Portugal, and which also...

19 March 2018
In his book “The way of seeing”, which was first published in 1972, John Berger claims that “in no other form of society in history has there been such a concentration of images, such a density of visual messages”. Nowadays, forty-six years later, we...

16 February 2018
In my PhD project I explore the encounter between people who lead transnational lives and the welfare state. More specifically, I look at how the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration experience this encounter, and how bureaucrats accommodate...

04 October 2017
Now that the new academic year is up and running in full, it is good to look back at the PhD sessions that took place at the IMISCOE Conference this summer in Rotterdam!

PhD Network

The IMISCOE PhD Network aims to strengthen research and network opportunities for doctoral researchers in the field of migration. The Network has several dedicated working groups, each with active members who plan and carry out activities relevant for PhD migration scholars.

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