July 1 and 2, 2020, Online
The 2020 IMISCOE annual conference is going online!
Europe’s largest research network of migration and integration scholars and practitioners is coming together for its first online annual conference. Resilient as our community is, we now more than ever appreciate the value of coming together, as well as...

July 7- 9, 2021, Luxembourg
Crossing borders, connecting cultures
This conference proposes to zoom deeper into people’s migration experiences by foregrounding how migration is connected to culture. We will explore the nexus of migration and culture in more depth asking how migration is lived, experienced, mediated,...

6-7 February 2020, IGOT, Lisboa
Moving, living, investing and surviving: housing and migrations in uncertain times
Housing represents a major dimension of immigrant settlement and immigrant integration. Since the earliest contact theories to today’s “politics of presence” (Darling, 2017), where people live and can live has been a central concern to public...

June 26-28, 2019, Malmö University
Understanding International Migration in the 21st Century: Conceptual and Methodological Approaches
The growing diversity and complexity of international migration present a need for reconceptualizing migration research. The aim of the 2019 IMISCOE Annual Conference is to facilitate exchanges in new concepts and innovative methodologies for...

Spring 2018, CMR, Warsaw
Migration and labour market: Patterns and challenges of immigrants’ labour market incorporation in contemporary Europe
Economic integration of immigrants is commonly presented as one of key preconditions for integration in other spheres of life (social, cultural, political).

17 February 2017, Middlesex University London
The Tyranny of Categories in Migration Policy, Research and Data Production
The IMISCOE Spring Conference will be held at Middlesex University London on 17 February 2017 on the Tyranny of Categories in Migration Policy, Research and Data Production. A number of writers have highlighted the ways in which categories form the...

18-19 February 2016, AMIS, Copenhagen
Measures of Control: Managing Migration in the 21st Century
Call for Papers: Centre for Advanced Migration Studies (AMIS) and IMISCOE jointly organize a conference on controlling migration, University of Copenhagen, 18-19. February 2016.

2-4 July, 2018, Barcelona
Europe, migrations and the Mediterranean: human mobilities and intercultural challenges
The Mediterranean lies at the heart of migration studies in Europe and, currently, it is a focal point of large-scale human displacement. This is both a global and a local challenge with major effects on origin and destination countries in terms of...

June 28-30, 2017, Rotterdam
Migration, Diversity and the City
Cities are often the main ports of entry for migration and the location where migration-related diversity is manifested most prominently.

June 30-July 2, 2016, Prague
Migration and Development
Organized by the Geographic Migration Centre (GEOMIGRACE) at Charles University in Prague.